george woodcock

It is through the wrecks of empires and faiths that the anarchists

have always seen the glittering towers of their free world arising.

- George Woodcock

born Winnipeg May 8, 1912

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please note these are not necessarily anarchist organizations,

but they all uphold ideals akin to anarchism. and we like them.


  • MayWorks Festival - winnipeg's celebration ofart and labour

  • A-Zone - 91 albert st. a building which gives a lot back to the radical community
  • CKUW 95.9fm - winnipeg community radio
  • Food Not Bombs - anarchist organization devoted to feeding the hungry instead of feeding the military-industrial complex (or, as one canadian cell promoted: "feeding taters not dictaters!"). free, vegan and yummy.
  • DIY Fest - winnipeg festival promoting the do-it-yourself ethos with free workshops from welding to massage
  • Bike Dump - community centre devoted to promoting bicycles in winnipeg. free use of tools, expertise and parts. or buy a made-with-love bike and support a great centre.

  • Winnipeg Indymedia - corporate media sucks. so do the aspers

  • Info Usurpa - radical events bullitin for winnipeg

  • Copwatch - keeping the streets safe
  • IWW - anarchist workers' union
  • friends of grassy narrows - grassy narrows is treaty land near winnipeg being logged by weyerhauser to make glossy flyers for garbage. lets stop them and give the land back to their owners.


- - excellent resource site for anarchists around the globe

- Znet - excellent space for news and articles

- crime thinc ex-workers collective

- Earth First! - touted as "the earths' army" no compromise in face of eco-terrorism by the greedy and powerful

- Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - if EF! is the earths' army, the sea shep is her navy. upholding international law against japanese dolphin slaughter, whale hunts by japan and norway, the seal hunt in canada, illegal fishing and turtle slaughter in the galapogos, among other initiatives


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