nellie mcclung

"Man is made for something higher and better than voting.

Men were made to support families.

What is a home without a bank account!”

-Nellie McClung, suffragette
                                    Winnipeg, 1914

Mock Parliament to give men the vote

nellie mcclung

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Spirited Anarchy Festival

2008 is the birth year of the Spirited Anarchy Festival. It is a celebration of the anarchist and radical community in Manitoba, across “canada” and around the globe. The festival serves as a means for anarchists to come together and; discuss philosophy, tactics, projects, to socialize and have fun, re-energize and dance. Most importantly it is to educate the wider public on what anarchism means to each one of us and to try to dispel myths surrounding anarchism.

the festival is organized by a consensus-based collective. to become involved please contact us.


The A-Zone

The A-Zone (Autonomous Zone) is located at 91 Albert Street and carries in the tradition and telos as other PAZs (permanent autonomous zones). Namely, “it is a space accessible to our community that is founded on anti-authoritarian principles and autonomy within an egalitarian community”. For Winnipeg it serves as a radical space where anyone can come and use the resources in the building. Individuals are offered a safe environment, free of discriminations such as those based on gender, sexuality, ethniticity, economic means and political affiliations. It offers free or cheap space to groups such as worker-owned Natural Cycle bike shop, Mondragon Cofeehouse & bookstore, Junto Local 91Radical Library, G7 Welcoming Committee Records, Canadian Dimensions Magazine, Dada World Data films, The Emma Goldman Grassroots Centre, the (new!) Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre, the Canadian-Palestinian Network, Winnipeg Copwatch, the Anarchist Black Cross, Indymedia, DIY Fest was created at the A-Zone as was the Spirited Anarchy Festival. In the past groups such as Earth First!, Arbeiter Ring Publishing, Food Not Bombs, the Okiijida Warriors’ Society, Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women (MACSW), among others, have called the A-Zone home.


MayWorks Festival

The Spirited Anarchy Festival is proud to be a part of the Mayworks Festival.

MayWorks Festival celebrates May Day and worker arts. In Manitoba workers have created the Mayworks Festival, which sets aside the entire month of May to celebrate workers history, struggles, issues and the art they produce. May Day is now celebrated widely around the world and in Canada.

MayDay – A History

May Day (May 1st) is International Workers' Day and is a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of workers and their labour. In 1884 labour unions gathered and decided that they would fight for the eight-hour workday: they chose May 1st, 1886 as the date by which this policy should be implemented. As the date drew closer a general strike was called for by American labour unions and swept across the country, Chicago workers especially took to the streets and 40,000 workers went on strike. It was here in Chicago, on May 1st 1886, that a strike at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. plant turned violent as strikers attempted to block scabs from entering the plant and the police responded with guns. Four workers were murdered and several more were injured. The community was outraged and a rally was quickly scheduled to protest the use of violence against peaceful strikers. During the rally police moved in to break it up and two bombs went off. Seven officers and four workers were killed. The result was a massive witch-hunt for anarchist and labour organizers: eight were arrested and charged with murder; Albert Spies, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, Louise Lingg, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe. All were sentenced to death but Neebe whom received 15 years after a trial which was widely seen as unjust – such as the fact the some of the men were speakers at the podium and therefore could not have set off the bombs. The outcome of the exectutions of the “Haymarket Martyrs” galvanized and radicalized many workers, such as Emma Goldman who would become “Americas' Most Dangerous Woman” according to H. Truman.

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