louise riel

“My people will sleep for one hundred years

when they awake, it will be the artists

who give them their spirit back”

                                   - Louis Riel




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Anarchy is not chaos- it is a way to organize and live our lives without authority. The Canadian state is colonial, genocidal, capitalist, patriarchal and violent. It is not a democratic government, but a system that serves the interests of the rich and powerful.

Anarchism is the desire to live without a government, a prison system, a police force, competition, and all forms of power, control and hierarchy. Some anarchists denounce organized religion while others embrace it.


"'But I'm an anarchist.'

'Deep down we all are.'"

-Lesley Choyce (The Republic of Nothing)


Deep down we are all anarchists. We truly believe that because everyone desires freedom, which is inseperable from equality, and as long as there is domination of one force over another (government over the people, employer over employee, humans over the Earth, gender binary over sexual and gender freedom, one ethniticity over another etc.) there cannot be equality.

Since the word anarchism comes literally from the greek "without authority", it simply means FREEDOM. And we all want freedom.


"Remember, there are no bad apples in the barrel -- the barrel itself creates evil."

- Anthony Scheidmantel (letter to Green Anarchy #8)


We refuse to believe as governments and law-makers do, that people are born bad, that they need to be constantly kepy in line by police and courts. Instead we believe that if a few very institutional parts of society were removed, people would naturally come together to create something based on trust, co-operation and respect.


See the links section for resources on anarchism.

Junto library (91 Albert st.) has many resources and information on anarchism.

Also, search out the information on your own. Always question what you read.


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