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My countrymen, shall the glittering trinkets of this rich man, his deceitful drink that overcomes the mind, shall these things tempt us to give up our homes, our hunting grounds, and the honorable teaching of our old men? Shall we permit ourselves to be driven to and fro -- to be herded like the cattle of the white man?”

                            - Chief Mahpina Luta  (Red Cloud)
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Schedule Bookfair Workshops



Saturday May 10th, 10am - 6pm Old Market Square (one block south of city hall and across from Art Space)


We here at the festival collective have been doing our anti-rain dance as the bookfair will be held outside in a beautiful park, so we're hoping for beautiful weather!* During the bookfair workshops will be happening (see schedule) as well as entertainment, some planned, some not (poetry slams, banjo players, freak bikes and bike jousting are some things that just may happen).

*even in cold weather we will have tents available or an in-door location ready to be used for all us bookworms.


The Peoples' Market

there's nothing better than free swag - except maybe zines, cold yeasty beverages in the sun, good music, laughing, the smell of cooking cookies, ok the list goes on and on, but swag is still good and what's old to you is new to someone else so be sure to take in the People's Market (aka stuff swap aka giant freebox). De-clutter your life by bringing in your old (but clean) stuff and maybe you can swap it for something sweet (literally and decidedly not). Even if you have nothing to offer you can snag some nice things! And as for the politics, well, it should go without saying that so much of what goes to the dump is perfectly fine. And it is one more product that will not have to be bought at some box store where the worker makes just enough to pay for the gas to get her/him to work and the worker who makes the product will never be able to afford it.



11:30 - 6pm - Entertainment on stage during the bookfair:
readings/poetry between workshops( 11:30-noon, 1:30-2pm, 3:30-4pm respectively, to poets)

About the Presenters:

CLARISE FOSTER. Is an icon of noble grief & gender-fucking, as well as a kick in the slats to homophobia & other social forms of fear & control & calcification. Her 2 books are The Way Boys Sometimes Are (The Muses' Company, 2006) & The Flame Tree (The Muses' Company, 1998).

COLIN SMITH. Lives among crows & spends too much time digging in the Sharps bin of language. His 2 books are 8 x 8 x 7 (KRUPSKAYA Books, 2008) & Multiple Poses (Tsunami Editions, 1997).

Marie ANNHARTE Baker. Is an aboriginal agitator & justice-forger. Her poems constitute a gimlet-eyed satire of the collisions between NDN experience & colonizer posturings. She's a funny gal, & an "a.k.a." Her 3 books are Exercises in Lip Pointing (New Star Books, 2003), Coyote Columbus Cafe (Moonprint Press, 1994), & Being On the Moon (Polestar Books, 1990)

JOY ASHAM (Fedorick, Harasymchuk) is an over-the-hill and down the left-fork of the road Cree Storyteller and Storymaker from Peguis First Nation. Her poetry and essays have appeared in magazines, periodicals and anthologies for 35 years. She presently (and has for the past 13 years) writes a regular bi-weekly column for the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, northern Ontario's largest daily newspaper. Joy is well known for her essay "Fencepost Sitting and How I Fell Off to One Side", about cultural appropriation; the two-person show "Salt and Sage", written and performed by her and Tsymbalist Ted Harasymchuk; and her work in theatre, especially with children's environmental plays.  Considered by some to be "eccentric", she spends her time these days on her little red scooter, being a community busy-body. Her particular hero is Paulo Freire.



Thoughtcrime Inc. said it best - " Information is a Weapon." Arm Yourself - Then Others


  • AK Press (books, zines, video, and apparel from Oakland, CA and Edinburg)
  • Black Cat Press (edmonton)
  • I.W.W. Edmonton (Industrial Workers of the World) – anarchist labour union


From Winnipeg:


  • Red River Books
  • Books Internationale
  • Molly Mew Distro
  • Highbrow Books
  • Bay Rare Books
  • Velocipide Distro (zines, buttons, patches - helping those kiwis get home)
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